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Real Magic TV does not rent or sell your information to non-affiliated parties. The information that you submit remains private and will not be displayed publicly without your prior permission.

Commenting: Requires first name and city/state as an identifier
If you post a comment on Real Magic TV, your first name and city/state will be displayed with it. This is to help distinguish between multiple users with the same first name. By commenting on RealMagicTV.com and affiliated sites in the "RMTV Networks" you agree to have your first name and city/state posted next to your comment.

Facebook Connect Members:
Real Magic TV pulls small pieces of information from Facebook in order to make your membership sign-up faster. RMTV stores your first name, location, favorite musicians and television showson your private RMTV profile, if you grant us permission to do so. The information remains private on the site and is used to help us understand demographic information about our viewers. All of these items that are stored are able to be accessed and edited by you at anytime by visiting:http://www.realmagictv.com/editprofile.php

Win A Call™ Segments
Your first name, phone number, city and state of residence may be shared with celebrities you have on your favorite band list and their affiliated management. If you enter a phone tap contest your first name and city/state of residence will be made public. We will not make your phone number public, nor will we share your phone number with any outside party other than those affiliated with the band.

Real Magic TV will dispatch a text message if you have opted into the Win a Call segments. This text message is subject to any normal charges you have on your cellular service plan. Real Magic TV does NOT charge any fee to its users for use of the Win a Call system.

If you do not fully agree with any of these these terms, do not use RealMagicTV.com. Questions can be sent to: info[at]realmagictv.com











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